Our Story

A reasonable question may be asked: why bother reading an account of someone who lived 100+ years ago? Although there might be some novelty in opening up a time capsule from a bygone era in American history, early in the twenty-first century, we might wonder what will I get out of this? Simply put, Jakob Schleicher's story, with all of its twists and turns, is very much our story.

Similar to those who lived a century ago, today we live in an unprecedented time of human advancement and in a rapidly evolving and changing world. The challenges Jakob Schleicher and those living in his time confronted were not dislike any of the challenges we face today. Everything from racial issues and immigration, to the struggles he faced in owning and operating a business, even down to his personal relationships, he was very much like anyone living in America today.

Today, as a result of a number of social changes, there is a new landscape in America. At home and abroad we are embattled in a variety of domestic and world affairs, each one having wide-reaching implications. Just as America fought in World War I a century ago, we must confront the issues of our time. As we confront these challenges, we continually try to make sense of our world, grapple with our own personal difficulties and seek to find success not only for ourselves, but for this country as a whole. As each of us tries daily to make sound decisions, we must remember that even with our best of intentions we will sometimes fail. It is for this reason that we should, on occasion, reflect on the past for inspiration. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it," novelist George Santayana once remarked. Much like Jakob Schleicher did, we should also continue looking forward laying the groundwork for future generations.

From this storied account we are reminded there remains one constant: time never stands still. Society, technology and people all change over time. It is incumbent therefore, to not only appreciate what life has to offer at any given moment, but it is wise to remember like Jakob's Story , a person's legacy will last long after they pass away.