Look Inside

Chapter 1. A Foreign Time and Place
Chapter 2. Reminiscences of an Old Man
Chapter 3. A European Boyhood
Chapter 4. Liberty Enlightening the World
Chapter 5. The Otto-Langen Experiment
Chapter 6. Jakob's American Dream Begins
Chapter 7. The Centennial Exhibition of 1876
Chapter 8. Schleicher, Schumm & Company
Chapter 9. A Twist of Fate
Chapter 10. Industrialism, Progressivism and a Brief Retirement
Chapter 11. The Philadelphia Caramel Company
Chapter 12. Three Uninvited Guests
Chapter 13. The Great War
Chapter 14. The Lawsuit
Chapter 15. Jakob's Declining Years
Chapter 16. The Clock Winds Down
Chapter 17. Lewis Mumford's Closing Thoughts